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LOWAT® offers an Ayurvedic weight-loss blend. LOWAT’s unique formula of Piper betle leaf extract and Dolichos biflorus seed extract offers weight loss and hunger hormone control. Both Piper betle and Dolichos biflorus have been traditionally used in Indian culture for centuries. LOWAT may help you reach your weight-loss goals.


LOWAT® for Weight Loss

Have you committed to living a healthier lifestyle, but you’re finding that losing weight has been a bit of a challenge? Perhaps you’ve tried weight loss supplements in the past but have been unsatisfied with the results. At InterHealth, our mission is to create quality, researched, and proven supplements that help people accomplish their goals safely.

Don’t let your weight keep you from doing the things you enjoy! LOWAT®’s unique formula of Piper betle leaf extract and Dolichos biflorus seed extract offers weight loss as well as hunger hormone control.


Who Should Use LOWAT®?

LOWAT® was specifically designed to help you lose weight and control hunger, along with diet and exercise. If you’re following a diet and exercise routine, but are looking for some help you to achieve better results, try LOWAT®!


How Much Will I Need to Take?

The suggested dose for LOWAT® is 300 mg taken three times per day (a total of 900 mg per day). For the best results, you should take LOWAT® 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are interested in supplementing with LOWAT®, you should refer to the manufacturer’s suggested use printed on the finished product label and/or talk to a healthcare professional.


What is LOWAT®?

LOWAT® is a supplement derived from two Ayurvedic plants, Piper betle and Dolichos biflorus, that have each been used for centuries in the Indian culture. Modern science has shown the weight-loss benefits of combining these two plants together. These Ayurvedic plants are blended together in just the right proportions to help you lose weight..


What Does the Clinical Research Show?

LOWAT® has been studied in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled research to support the loss of body weight, along with diet and exercise, two times better than placebo after eight weeks. Significant weight loss of around 9 pounds was seen at week eight, versus only 3.9 pounds lost by people taking the placebo.


How is LOWAT® Different From Other Supplements?

At InterHealth, our goal is to help you succeed. With this in mind, we offer dietary supplement ingredients that have been studied in published clinical research studies. If you're considering adding a weight loss supplement to your routine, there are a few questions you should ask.

  • Are the ingredients in the supplement backed by well-designed published clinical research?
  • Is the ingredient branded and backed by safety research?


With LOWAT® by InterHealth, you can answer yes to all of these questions.


Tips for Results with LOWAT

LOWAT® has been designed to accompany a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Try these LOWAT® weight loss tips for the best results.

  • Maintain a healthy diet rich in whole foods including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Avoid consuming prepackaged foods, which are often high in fat, calories, and sodium.
  • Add 30 minutes of physical activity to your daily routine. Try taking a fitness class with a friend or loved one to make it even more fun! Having a partner for your workouts will also help you stay motivated
  • Don’t be afraid to set big goals! Set smaller “milestone” goals to reach along the way, and celebrate whenever you reach one
  • Take LOWAT three times daily, 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Look for ways to have fun with your routine! Making fitness fun will help you enjoy your healthy new lifestyle


More about LOWAT

When combined with diet and exercise, LOWAT has been studied in clinical research to support the loss of body weight. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 8-week study with 50 people. After 8 weeks, a weight loss of 9 pounds was seen in people taking LOWAT compared to 3.9 pounds lost by people taking a placebo. People participating in the study adhered to a 2,000 calorie a day diet and exercised for 30 minutes, five days a week.


Buy LOWAT Online

LOWAT can be found in the following dietary supplements: Swanson’s LOWAT, and Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1.


InterHealth is a role model for ingredient manufacturers. I rely on InterHealth to deliver efficacious ingredients that are scientifically substantiated

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